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  • Kodak-Branded Bitcoin Mining Scheme Collapses
    The Kodak-branded bitcoin mining rigs unveiled at the CES technology trade show this year will no longer be available to mine for customers. Amid scam accusations, the company behind the Kodak Kashminer crypto mining scheme has reportedly confirmed the plan has collapsed, citing intervention by the U.S. Securities and Exchange... Read more »
  • Post-Flood Reflections Reveal Insights Into Lives of Sichuan Miners
    With Chinese media estimating that Sichuan’s mining sector comprises 70% of the computing power of both the bitcoin network and the total processing power situated within China’s borders, reflections following the devastating Sichuan floods’ have many insights into the realities of life of a crypto miner in Sichuan. Also Read: Read more »
  • Launches Screensaver That Mines Crypto for Charity
    Social petition platform,, has announced the launch of a screensaver that mines Monero on behalf of the organization. “The Mining Screensaver” will pool the computing power of the program’s users, with all XMR generated being automatically transferred to the Foundation. Also Read: Iran Considers Using Cryptocurrencies to Evade US... Read more »
  • RSK Labs Launches Decentralized App Infrastructure Service
    This week the RSK Labs development team launched a new service that provides programmers with a variety of tools to build decentralized applications. According to RSK, the ‘Dapp’ platform will provide developers with a great deal of infrastructure services all in one place. Also read: RSK Mines Its Genesis Block –... Read more »
  • Omni Layer Fork Called ‘Wormhole’ Debuts for Bitcoin Cash
    According to a report on the social media platform, software developers associated with the mining giant Bitmain plan on launching a smart contract protocol for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. The project called ‘Wormhole’ will utilize the increased data-carrier-size and OP_Return transactions alongside a protocol based on the Omni... Read more »
  • Petition Attempts to Fight for Ross Ulbricht’s Freedom
    After being denied a post-conviction relief extension in February 2018, Ross Ulbricht’s family and legal team filed a Petition of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court based on constitutional violations in the investigation and at sentencing. The petition was supported by 21 organizations, however, the Court denied Ulbricht’s petition on... Read more »


  • Decentralised Capital Launches Australia’s First Cryptocurrency Vault
    Blockchain and investment company Decentralised Capital has announced the launch of Australia’s first ever cold storage vault for digital assets. The vault was created in partnership with Custodian Vaults, a subsidiary of precious metals firm Pallion Group. According to Stephen Moss, founder and director of Decentralised Capital, the new crypto... Read more »
  • China Sees 454% Increase in Companies with ‘Blockchain’ in Name
    Today’s $1,000 bitcoin price rally aside, the cryptocurrency market might be enduring a bear cycle triggered by vanishing consumer interest, but blockchain, it seems, is still big business — particularly in China. Citing government data sourced from Chinese-language outlet Qixin, the South China Morning Post reports that, from Jan. 1... Read more »
  • Incoming Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon More Keen on Bitcoin Than Predecessor
    Goldman Sachs announced today that David Solomon will be the company’s new CEO, shortly before the quarterly earnings call. Lloyd C. Blankfein will be stepping down as CEO, who began his tenure in 2006 and led the company through the dicey recession of the late 2000s. Notably, Mr. Solomon is not... Read more »
  • Tech Giant Oracle Launches Blockchain Cloud Service Platform
    Tech giant Oracle has formally launched its much-anticipated blockchain service, and many global organizations have already jumped aboard the platform. News of Oracle’s new blockchain platform first came to light in May, as reported by CCN. At the time, Thomas Kurin, Oracle’s president of product development, mentioned how this upcoming... Read more »
  • Stellar Becomes First Crypto Protocol to Obtain Sharia Certification
    Stellar, the seventh-largest cryptocurrency network, has become the first digital ledger technology (DLT) protocol to obtain Sharia certification for payments and asset tokenization. The Stellar Development Foundation announced on Tuesday that, following a review of the technology’s properties and applications, the Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) had certified Stellar as a... Read more »
  • Cryptocurrency Market Booms – EOS, Cardano, Stellar and Neo Post Big Gains
    The cryptocurrency markets finally appear to be in full recovery mode — at least as of Tuesday afternoon when all the major coins posted considerable leaps with most in the double digits. The total market cap shot up to $291 billion, which is the highest it has been in almost... Read more »