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  • Uyen T Nguyen: The Powerful Young Woman Behind the Alleged ‘Satoshi Affair’
    The lawsuit against Craig Wright continues this week and on April 5, court dockets indicate that Florida Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart memorialized rulings from the recent Craig Wright deposition. Moreover, the counsel representing the Kleiman estate has submitted 2,136 documents belonging to Dave Kleiman on April 4. Many of the... Read more »
  • Darknet Buyers Flock to Wall Street as Dream Winds Down
    As the darknet’s largest market prepares to wind down, its second largest is taking the strain. When Dream closes for good at the end of April, Wall Street will become the largest darknet market (DNM), at least until Dream’s successor launches and can prove its legitimacy. Paranoia has pervaded the... Read more »
  • Cryptocurrency Adoption Grows Beyond ‘Bitcoin City’ in Slovenia and Croatia
    The number of stores that accept cryptocurrencies is rising in Slovenia and Croatia. Starting with merchants in one of the largest shopping and entertainment complexes in Europe, Elipay has now integrated with 300 stores in Slovenia and begun expanding into Croatia following approval by the country’s central bank. Also read:... Read more »
  • Cryptoradar Finds Best Prices Across Exchanges and Brokers
    When you want to buy or sell digital coins, a service called Cryptoradar can help you find the best prices across multiple trading platforms. The website tracks cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers and offers several optimal choices depending on your location. Also read: Check If Your Market Predictions Are Right... Read more »
  • Installing a Subdermal Bitcoin Wallet Is Only for the Brave
    In 2014, Dutch entrepreneur Martijn Wismeijer made headlines by having a pair of bitcoin wallets embedded under his skin. Since then, various cypherpunks and tech journalists have had microchips embedded into their hands. Anyone interested in getting ‘chipped,’ for the purposes of boasting a bio-implanted bitcoin wallet, should be cautious... Read more »
  • Mt. Gox Creditors Have a Second Chance to Appeal Claim Decisions
    According to the official Mt. Gox website, creditors of the now defunct bitcoin exchange have one last chance to dispute their claims. The civil rehabilitation trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi, has also explained the details surrounding the court’s decision to approve or disapprove filed claims. Also read: Mt Gox CEO Mark Karpeles... Read more »


  • $50,000: Crypto Guru Reveals Dizzying Bitcoin Price Target
    The crypto rally has lots more runway ahead, even if the bitcoin price appears stuck. Trader and classical chartist Peter Brandt revealed his bullish prediction of $50,000 for the bitcoin price, which is currently holding steady at $5,000. Investors must exhibit some patience, however, as it won’t happen overnight. Brandt... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Price: Why the Nasdaq Dotcom Bubble Suggests BTC Will Surge 200%
    The Nasdaq, which plunged in value following both the dotcom bubble and financial crisis, more than doubled in value in the following five years of post-bubble recovery. Like the Nasdaq, bitcoin could recover rapidly in the medium-term, analysis suggests. With the 200-day moving average of bitcoin reversing its trend for... Read more »
  • Hypocrite: Why Trump Needs to STFU About the ‘Creepy Joe Biden’ Scandal
    Donald Trump is reveling in hypocrisy by taunting ‘Creepy Joe Biden.’ Given his own record of allegations of sexual misconduct and disturbing statements about his own daughter, the president might be wise to tread cautiously. Joe Biden Facing Pressure After Accusations Four women have recently accused Joe Biden of making... Read more »
  • Tesla Leak Reveals Elon Musk Allegedly Threatened to ‘Nuke’ Ex-Employee
    Billionaire Elon Musk is apparently in the midst of an ugly civil war brewing within Tesla. Recent news suggests there’s a faction inside the electric-car company Musk co-founded that desperately wants him out. The latest example is the curious timing of the media leak concerning an alleged physical altercation Musk... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Core’s Peter Todd Fires Back at Sex Assault Allegation
    Early bitcoin core developer Peter Todd is fighting for his reputation. Todd, a Canadian who started contributing to bitcoin’s code in 2012, revealed on Twitter that he has filed a lawsuit against someone in the community who allegedly accused him of rape and sexual assault, also on Twitter. Todd vehemently... Read more »
  • $5,000: Why Amazon Stock is Primed for a Parabolic 175% Rally
    One equities analyst is going all out on his bullish thoughts about Amazon stock (NASDAQ: AMZN), saying the company has the makings of what it takes to command $5,000 a share by 2025. That would put the company’s valuation at $2.5 trillion. It would also make it the first ever... Read more »