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  • Hayek’s 1984: Rediscovered Footage Shows Austrian Economist Predicting Bitcoin
    Born in 1899 in Vienna, Nobel Prize-winning economist F.A. Hayek is a legend of sorts in voluntaryist, libertarian, and crypto-economic circles. Freshly rediscovered video footage of the Austrian School philosopher and social theorist from 1984 is now making the rounds on crypto Twitter. In a stunning soundbite of an already... Read more »
  • Ethereum’s Wrapped Bitcoin Set to Eclipse Lightning Network Capacity
    Since the project launched a little over six months ago, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) has roughly $5.9 million or 558 BTC locked into the system. At the rate WBTC’s token contract is climbing, the project is close to surpassing the Lightning Network’s capacity in the near future. Also read: The ”Wrapped... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Mining Helps Oil Companies Reduce Carbon Footprint
    Natural gas acquired as a byproduct of oil extraction has become synonymous with wasted energy. In certain areas, drilling companies are unable to find a profitable market for the excess fuel. It’s often vented into the atmosphere. Startups are now offering on-site systems that utilize the surplus to mine cryptocurrencies.... Read more »
  • Indian Government Breaks Silence on Crypto Regulation
    The Indian government has finally spoken up about the regulatory framework for cryptocurrency it has been deliberating, providing answers to questions presented in the upper house of the Parliament of India. The government also confirmed that the report with the recommended crypto regulation has already been submitted by the interministerial... Read more »
  • Market Outlook: Crypto Bulls Rally After Bearish Downturn
    Since July 13, digital currency prices have dropped in value significantly, but most coins have since experienced some recovery. While many crypto supporters are optimistic on where the markets are headed, traders and analysts have noticed a bullish-to-bearish trend. BTC and a slew of other currencies spiked more than 10%... Read more »
  • Money Laundering Fines Help Bankers Avoid Prosecution
    The recent seizure of a cargo ship owned by JP Morgan, a vessel loaded with 20 tons of cocaine according to latest accounts, highlighted the risks of banks’ involvement in illicit activities, inadvertent or otherwise. And although U.S. authorities released the MSC Gayane after the owner, JP Morgan’s asset management... Read more »

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  • Bitcoin Approaches Second Inning as Bakkt Exchange Launch Nears
    Bakkt has been trumpeted as a future main driver of crypto institutional adoption and even the bull market. The bitcoin futures exchange boasts everything Wall Street firms are looking for – the promise of uncorrelated returns to the stock market plus the confidence of regulatory oversight. But in case you... Read more »
  • Formula One Driver Makes a Pit Stop at the Bitcoin Garage
    Formula One driver Romain Grosjean has just made a pit stop at the Bitcoin garage. A tweet by the French/Swiss driver shows a signed copy of Ben Mezrich’s popular “Bitcoin Billionaires” by none other than the stars of the book themselves, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss: Thanks @winklevoss & @tylerwinklevossLooking forward... Read more »
  • Disgusted Bitcoin Trader Says Price Charts Mimic an Ugly ‘Penny Stock’
    It’s a tough day to be trading crypto, it seems, with at least one Bitcoin trader comparing the $185 billion cryptocurrency’s price charts to a “penny stock.” Garbage trading right now. Scalped a few profitable trades but it’s mostly just whales pumping and dumping. Neutral for now, but death cross... Read more »
  • Australian Couple Loses $900K to Crypto Scam Despite Regulator’s Efforts
    An Australian couple lost AUD $900,000 after “investing” in an elaborate cryptocurrency scam. Mike Taylor, 70, and his wife Karen told local station 7News that the losses represented the couple’s lifetime savings: “That was the whole of our superannuation – that’s now gone.” They did not explain in detail how... Read more »
  • Boeing Keeps Dow in Positive Territory as Stock Market Slides
      The Dow outperformed the broader U.S. stock market Friday thanks to strong performances from Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) and Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT). Dow Hangs Onto Narrow Gains; S&P 500, Nasdaq Drift Lower The U.S. stock market turned lower in afternoon trading, diverging sharply from a positive pre-market for Dow futures. ... Read more »
  • Breaking Down The Facebook Libra Hearings
    Facebook’s libra is under the scrutiny since pretty much everyone is freaking out that a company that’s run by a fun-sized Chucky doll is jumping in the cryptocurrency water. Watch the video to see the latest news on Facebook Libra hearings at House Financial Services Committee. Make sure to subscribe... Read more »