Event Date/Time
NEO Madrid Meetup, Spain2018-4-20
NEO Tokyo Meetup, Japan2018-4-12
NEO Zurich Meetup, Switzerland2018-4-26 17:30
NEO Vienna Meetup, Austria2018-4-24 17:30
Listing on Switcheo2018-3-31
Listing on COBINHOOD2018-4-06
Ontology Airdrop For NEO Holders2018-3-01 01:00
1st NEO Dev Competition Deadline2018-3-10
NEO Toronto Meetup, Canada2018-3-15 00:00
Start Hack 2018 in St. Gallen2018-2-23
1st National Blockchain Workshop 2018 in Ankara, Turkey2018-4-02
NEO Melbourne Meetup, Australia2018-3-12
NEO Toronto Meetup, Canada2018-3-15 00:00
Hackathon HackCU Episode IV2018-2-24
NEO Boston Meetup, USA2018-3-09
NEO Singapore Meetup2018-3-03 04:30
NEO Sydney Meetup, Australia2018-3-16 06:30
NEO Taipei Meetup, Taiwan2018-3-11 05:00
COZ dApps Competition : Submission Deadline2018-2-25
ONT Airdrop2018-3-01
NEO Host Community Events in Japan2018-2-11
Listing on Bitmex2018-2-07
DevCon in San-Francisco, USA2018-1-30
Blockchain Connect Conference in San Francisco, USA2018-1-26 17:00
NEO Hamburg Meetup, Germany2018-1-12
NEO Amsterdam Meetup, Netherlands2018-1-13
NEO Conference on Tech Ecosystem in Beijing, China2017-12-23 01:00
Deploying Mainnet2017-12-25
Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair 2018, Australia2018-5-13 06:00
Tokyo Blockchain Contest, Japan2017-12-10 04:00
NEO Tokyo Meetup, Japan2017-12-11 09:30
China & USA Blockchain Meetup in Manhattan NYC, USA2017-11-28 00:30
CoZ dApps Competition Finishing2017-11-26
Ontology Network Launch + NEO Ecosystem Sharing Session, USA2017-11-27 18:30
Blockchains in Fintech, China2017-11-21 09:30
Listing on OKEx2017-11-11 06:00
Technical discussion about NEO platform and NEX architecture2017-12-13 22:00
Listing on CoinRail2017-12-05
NEO JOY – Exploring Blockchain Application, China2017-10-21
inNOxNEO DEV Meeting #5, Shanghai2017-10-18
The Second ICO on NEO2017-11-15
Unlock 50 Milions Tokens2017-10-16
New Blockchain Landmark Event in Shanghai2017-10-09
The First ICO on NEO2017-10-08