Event Date/Time
Consensus 2018 in New York, USA2018-5-14
Blockchain Summit in Kiev, Ukraine2018-4-26
Chainges Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands2018-5-04
Listing on OpenLedger2018-4-06
Catapult Beta Launch2018-3-25
Listing on Binance2018-3-20
NEM Dubai Meetup, UAE2018-3-25 15:30
NEM Bergamo Meetup, Italy2018-3-08 18:00
NEM Bogota Meetup, Columbia2018-2-25
Listing on Coinspark2018-4
New Payment Protocol2018-5
FinTech in Brisbane, Australia2018-2-28
NEM Jakarta Meetup, Indonesia2018-3-22
Introduction to the Protocol 2.0 Catapult2018-2-21
Cloud Days 2018 in Tokyo, Japan2018-2-20
NEM Irvine Meetup, USA2018-2-16
NEM Caracas Meetup, Venezuela2018-2-22
NEM v2.0 Catapult2018-5
NEM Cordoba Meetup, Argentina2018-2-17
Listing on Iqant2018-2-10 10:00
NEM Bogota Meetup, Colombia2018-2-15
NEM Kyiv Meetup, Ukraine2018-2-25
NEMburger Launch in Australia2018-2-09
International Blockchain Summit in Moscow, Russia2018-3-01 06:00
Coincheck Announce a Plan to Compensate2018-1-28
NEM Global Hackaton Judjing and Voting2018-2-01 00:00
Listing on Huobi Pro2018-1-15
London Blockchain Week, United Kingdom2018-1-22 08:00
XAR Discount Sale2018-1-01 00:00
Listing on DMM Bitcoin2018-1-11
Listing on OKEx2017-12-25
NEM WeChat Wallet Release2017-12-21
Medan NEM Meetup, Indonesia2017-12-16 03:00
NEM Global Hackathon2018-1-08
NEM Bar Opening2017-12-07
Inside Fintech Conference & Expo, South Korea2017-11-30 00:00
Catapult Release2018-1
Listing on CoinRail2017-11-14