Event Date/Time
Listing on Zebpay2018-4-17
EOS Trondheim Hackathon, Norway2018-4-28
eosDAC Airdrop2018-4-15
Delisting from Livecoin2018-5-25
Listing on FlypMe2018-3-29
Listing on GlobalExchange2018-3-28
Listing on ForkDelta2018-3-22
New Trading Pairs EOS / USDT on KuCoin2018-3-27
Listing on Flyp.me2018-3-16
Listing on CoinTiger2018-3-14
EOS Brisbane Meetup, Australia2018-3-07
Listing on OpenLedger2018-3-04
Global Hackathon2018-6
Listing on Lykke2018-2-27
EOS Hong Kong Meetup2018-4-06
EOS Nairobi Meetup, Kenya2018-2-24
Intro to Blockchain in Blacksburg, USA2018-3-20
Partnership with Bitfinex2018-2-13
Listing on KUNA Exchange2018-2-09
Listing on UPcoin2018-2-01 00:00
Dawn 3.0 Final Release2018-3
Special Announcement2018-1-13 09:30
EOS New York Meetup, USA2018-2-08 23:00
EOS Seoul Meetup, South Korea2018-1-13 07:00
Listing on COBINHOOD2018-1-12
Listing on CoinEgg2017-12-19 07:00
EOS Blacksburg Meetup, USA2017-11-30 17:30
EOS Public Testnet Launch2017-12-04