Event Date/Time
G20 in Washington DC, USA2018-4-20
Blockchain Summit in Kiev, Ukraine2018-4-26
Chainges Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands2018-5-04
Kraken Pulling Out of Japan2018-4-18
New Trading Pair BCH/SGD on Coinhako2018-4-17
Yahoo! Japan Cryptocurrency Exchange Launch2019-4
Russian Blockchain Week 2018 in Moscow, Russia2018-5-21
Listing on Cryptology2018-3-28
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Tallinn, Estonia2018-3-22 07:00
Cryptocurrency is Recognized as Legal Tender in Germany2018-3-02
Trading Competition Win 1,000,000 IHT & 5 BTC2018-3-01 14:00
Bitcoin Dollar Hard Fork2018-2-28
Mainnet Launch2018-2-28
Listing on BlockBid2018-4-16
Crypto Lady Conference in Moscow, Russia2018-4-28
Coinprism Close Date2018-3-31
bComm in Hong Kong2018-5-18
State of Digital Money in Los Angeles, USA2018-5-05
CoinFest in Manchester, UK2018-4-06
CRYPTOBLOCKCON in Los Angeles, USA2018-4-04
Block to the Future in San Francisco, USA2018-4-04
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel2018-3-28 09:00
Last Trade Date of CME Bitcoin Futures2018-6-29
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Geneve, Switzerland2018-2-21 08:00
CME Futures Expiration2018-2-23
The New Era in Digital Identification in Tallinn, Estonia2018-2-23
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Istanbul, Turkey2018-3-01 06:00
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia2018-2-13
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Gibraltar, UK2018-2-08
Listing on CoinField2018-2-15
CryptoPiter 2018 in Saint Petersburg, Russia2018-3-16
Transnistria Legalized the Mining of Cryptocurrencies2018-2-01
Bravo Pawn Systems Announces the Addition of Cryptocurrency2018-2-01
The Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain Superconference in Dallas, USA2018-2-16
UCLA Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Event in Los Angeles, USA2018-2-17
Listing on UPcoin2018-2-01 00:00
Bill on the Regulation of Digital Assets in Russia2018-1-25
Bitcoin Hush Hard Fork2018-2-01 12:00
Six Major Banks Ready to Provide Services to Cryptocurrency Exchanges in South Korea2018-1
The Government of South Korea Prohibits Anonymous Cryptotrading2018-1-30
Expiration of CME Contracts2018-1-26 16:00
Blockchain Conference in San Francisco, USA2018-1-26
Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings2018-1-24
Bitcoin Atom Hard Fork2018-1-25
Proposals to Regulate the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency at the Summit of the G202018-3
South Korea Bans Anonymous CryptoTrading2018-1-20
ABitcoin Hard Fork2018-1-12
Bitcoin Private Hard Fork2018-1
Fintech Bill in Russia2017-12-28
Bitcoin Interest Hard Fork2018-1-22 23:59
Listing on DMM Bitcoin2018-1-11
Segwit2X Hard Fork2017-12-28
TD Ameritrade Launches Futures Trading2017-12-18
Blockchain Africa Conference 2018 in Johannesburg, RSA2018-3-08 05:00
The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, USA2018-1-17 23:00
Crypto Funding Summit 2018, USA2018-1-25 02:00
Cryptobusiness: Production, Trade, Investments Conference in Moscow, Russia2017-12-15 07:00
Fintech Bill in Mexico2017-12-15
Bitcoin God Hard Fork2017-12-27
Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair 2018, Australia2018-5-13 06:00
CBOE Launches Futures Trading2017-12-10
CME Group Launches Futures Trading2017-12-18
Lighting Bitcoin Hard Fork2017-12-23
Course „Immersion in Blockchain“, Russia2017-12-09 07:00
Vietnam Prohibits Bitcoin2018-1-01
Super Bitcoin Hard Fork2017-12-12
Bitcoin Diamond Hard Fork2017-11-24
Bitcoin Cash Plus Hard Fork2018-1-02
Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Conference, USA2017-12-12 13:45
Latin American Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference, Columbia2017-12-04 00:00
BitCon 2017, Germany2017-11-04 05:00
Hard Fork2017-10-24